Hear and see chants from 7 feast days significant for the parish of St. Lorenz and late-medieval Nuremberg. The Schola Hungarica of Budapest, a choir of children and young adults, recorded the music in Nuremberg. Under the direction of László Dobszay and Janka Szendrei they have become famous for their interpretation of medieval chant. Transcriptions and translations of the Latin are provided.

1. Mass for Ascension:
Introitus Viri Galilei
vol. I, fol. 186r
2. Mass for the Holy Lance:
Introitus Foderunt manus meas
vol. I, fol. 176r
3. Mass for the Holy Lance:
Graduale Angelus Michael descendit
vol. I, fol. 176v
4. Mass for the Holy Lance:
Alleluia Surrexit pastor bonus
vol. I, fol. 179r
5. Mass for the Holy Lance:
Sequentia Hodiernae festum lucis
vol. I, fol. 177r
6. Mass for the Holy Lance:
Offertorium Videbunt in quem
vol. I, fol. 178v
7. Mass for the Holy Lance:
Communio Apprehende arma et scutum
vol. I, fol. 178v
8. Mass for Saint Deocarus:
Alleluia Iustum germinabit
vol. II, fol. 170r, cue on fol. 39v
9. Mass for Saint Deocarus:
Sequentia Dilectus deo et hominibus
vol. II, fol. 184r, cue on fol. 39v
10. Mass for Saint Sebaldus:
Introitus Os iusti meditabitur
vol. II, fol. 178v, cue on fol. 39v
11. Mass for Saint Sebaldus:
Graduale Os iusti meditabitur
vol. II, fol. 181r, cue on fol. 93v
12. Mass for Saint Sebaldus:
Alleluia O Sebalde Christi verna
vol. II, fol. 94r
13. Mass for Saint Sebaldus:
Sequentia Concinamus pariter
vol. II, fol. 94r
14. Mass for Saint Sebaldus:
Offertorium Posuisti Domine
vol. II, fol. 94v
15. Mass for Saint Sebaldus:
Communio Posuisti Domine
vol. II, fol. 173r
16. Mass for Saint Monica:
Introitus Jesu transfixe vulnera
vol. II, fol. 138r
17. Mass for Saint Martha:
Introitus Martae piae memoriam
vol. II, fol. 77v
18. Mass for Saint Martha:
Graduale Domine non est tibi cure
vol. II, fol. 77v
19. Mass for Saint Martha:
Alleluia Ora pro nobis
vol. II, fol. 79r
20. Mass for Saint Martha:
Sequentia Martha ingens sanctitas
vol. II, fol. 79v
21. Mass for Saint Martha:
Offertorium Stetit Jesus iuxta aram
vol. II, fol. 81v
22. Mass for Saint Martha:
Communio Martha satagebat
vol. II, fol. 81v
23. Mass for Saint Lawrence:
Introitus Confessio et pulchritudo
vol. II, fol. 88r

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